Why is Stomach Health Important?

  • Healthy eating is one of the basic rules of living a healthy life. Like other living things, humans have to be fed in order to survive and grow from the first moment they are born. In this vital event called lenme nutrition s, the digestive system plays the leading role. The digestive system is a long way from the mouth to the anus. Teeth, salivary glands and tongue in the oral cavity are the organs from which nutrition begins. Here, the characteristics of foods such as hot – cold, bitter – sour – sweet – salty are determined and it is decided whether or not to be taken into the body. Thus, heating or cooling of food in the oral cavity is allowed to enter the stomach. There are some substances in the saliva called enzymes and antibodies. Thanks to these substances, foods are tried to be purified from saliva secretion. Solid and large-sized foods are broken down with the help of teeth, soaked and softened with the help of saliva, thus making them suitable for delivery from the esophagus to the stomach. If there is an odor in the taste and smell of the ingested food, it is not allowed to enter the body provided that it is removed. As you can see, the oral cavity works both as a preparer and as a quality control center. After many evaluations and treatments in the mouth, the food which is deemed appropriate to be taken into the body is delivered to the stomach through the esophagus.
  • For a healthy stomach, oral health should be good. Our stomach is in the abdominal cavity and precedes the small intestine. It is an organ that can expand slowly and reach a few liters volume as it is filled with foods although its volume is small when it is empty. Excessive hot or extreme cold food intake, fast eating without chewing the food well in the mouth, filling the stomach with more food than necessary, and consuming too much spicy – ​​spicy – ​​sour foods are the factors that threaten stomach health. Sleeping after a meal, leaning forward, squeezing the stomach, putting pressure on the stomach with tight clothes (Corset eyi belt – belt) adversely affect stomach health. For this reason, we should not leave the evening meal late, we should allow the stomach to work and empty for 3 hours before going to bed.
  • Other factors threatening stomach health are; strong painkillers, aspirin-derived drugs, strong antibiotics, alcohol, cigarettes (tobacco), acidic and carbonated drinks. A microorganism (Stomach bacterium – Helicobacter Pylori), which has been known in medical literature for more than 30 years but has become more and more popular in recent years, is also one of the important factors threatening stomach health.

A common belief among the public is that the stomach will not be damaged when pain medications are made in the form of needles or suppositories. This is partly a false belief. Because pain medication is taken into the body (whichever way it is taken), it is mixed with blood and dispersed throughout the body. It comes to the stomach with blood and damages the stomach with some changes it makes to the stomach wall. However, when taken orally, it is possible that the tablet may affect the stomach wall locally and cause damage after the stomach dissolves in the stomach. Alcohol can be damaged by the local toxic way, and cigarettes can damage some of the harmful substances (just like in pain medication) through the blood circulation to the stomach wall.

Effect of Stress on Stomach

Stress is a condition that can cause too many problems in our body through the hormones and mediators it creates. The first ones that come to mind; increased blood pressure, increased sugar, palpitations and increased stomach acid production. Increased gastric acid production is a condition that adversely affects gastric wall health. Therefore, avoiding long-term stress and tensions is extremely important for our health.

Since one of the most basic conditions of healthy life is healthy nutrition, we can make our nutrition quality by paying attention to our stomach health. The subject of healthy nutrition is not balanced in terms of meat, carbohydrate, fat and vitamins. This issue is the subject of metabolism experts, diet experts. Healthy eating is the consumption of healthy foods and the absorption of the foods in the body in the most healthy way. Gastric health has a very important role in the health of digestion.


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