What to pack for spring break this year

Denim shorts with high waist

What to pack for spring break this year

Finally spring is here! We definitely missed the warm weather, the sun and the drinks on the roof. After the seemingly longest winter since "Game of Thrones", the spring solstice has blessed us. If you are like us, you already have a spring holiday on your calendar or you are actively planning a getaway with your girls.

Maybe you go to the beach. Maybe you are sailing to a fabulous island. Wherever your spring vacation takes you, here are some beautiful spring looks and accessories that will make your vacation a snap.

Dresses and bodysuits

Dresses and bodysuits are two of the best things you can pack for the holidays. They are versatile, easy to put on and make packing child's play. Make sure you bring a mix of casual and fun options for lounging and going out.

What works best?

  • Dresses like this maxi swim cover-up dress that serves as a swimsuit coverup.
  • Bodysuits look fantastic with palazzo pants or a maxi skirt and hardly take up any space in your suitcase!


Speaking of one piece: One of your first questions when packing for the spring break is certainly: "What should I wear on the beach?" Well, one piece is still not out of fashion. (See our nautical lace-up one-piece.) You can wear them on the beach or with flowing pants for a flirty outfit.

  • What about two-part? Other swimwear trends this year are cut bikinis, unique prints and crocheted bikinis.

Jewelry and accessories

The best way to prevent overflowing your suitcase? Load more accessories so you can change the look of your clothes! If you stick to a few simple, chic pieces, your accessories can make your holiday style burst.

  • The best holiday look – If you prefer a tropical atmosphere, try Monstera Drop Earrings. Make an extremely relaxed impression by putting on a floppy cap or tying a scarf into your hair.


Whenever and wherever you go on vacation, you want your feet to be comfortable (and stylish!), But you do not want to take any shoes that complain about your suitcase.

  • What are the best shoes for the holidays? – Bring a neutral sandal that suits everything, a platform or wedge for the night, and a sneaker for those who want to run a lot or be adventurous.
  • How do I choose? – Pack shoes that match all the outfits you bring so you can avoid paying for overweight bags.

Best ways to pack your vacay wardrobe

We all did that, where we packed 10 different outfits for a three-day weekend. Do not be that person. Whether you bring a suitcase, a travel bag or a weekender on your vacation, we have some tips on how best to pack:

  • Everything is rolling – Fold your clothes lengthwise in half and then roll one end to the other. This helps to prevent wrinkles and takes up much less space in your pocket.
  • Pack items that you can mix and match – Do yourself a favor and bring along clothes and accessories that you can wear during your vacation in different ways and several times. No one will judge you for wearing the same Palazzo pants with a different top. A simple dress can look completely different with another pair of shoes and a chunky necklace.
  • Forget what you do not really need – You are on vacation! Hotels have hairdryers, and if you go to the beach, let those beach waves flow! You do not need your laptop or five different books. You do not need a full bag of makeup, just the bare necessities. Do not overpack is the easiest way to pack properly.

If you are not ready to go on a flight, we do not know what's going on! Wherever your spring vacation takes you, FOREVER 21 has everything you need to look fabulous. From clothing to accessories, your holiday outfits will look smart.


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