Ways to flourish with home ingredients

every woman’s materials in their home, small touches about the new book güzelleş Health and Beauty from the Past to the Present ’appeared … Here are a few tricks …

Dumankaya says that our face has started to age before compared to our body, chewing gum is positive for facial exercise, laughing, laughing and cheek muscles to prevent the sagging of the face tells us to run.

Reminding that having a beautiful skin is passed in terms of skin, Dumankaya states that facial rejuvenation can be done with mask and steam held to face. And other suggestions.

1. Regular sleep: Sleep 7-8 hours a day to keep the skin from looking tired.

2. Consume plenty of citrus fruits: Detox by consuming all kinds of citrus fruits.

3. Massage to the skin: Before going to bed, clean your skin and massage your moisturizer.

4. Protect from the sun: For skin health, use sunscreen high-factor creams.

5. Struggle with pimples: Squeezing pimples is not recommended, but if you have whitened pimples with the help of cotton on both sides, squeeze and clean thoroughly.

6. Consume chocolate: The antioxidant in dark chocolate is good for the skin. But don’t overdo the amount.

7. Say goodbye to black spots: Black spots show the skin dirty. Use the black dot bands for this.

8. Regular exercise: Do not neglect exercise. The firmness of your skin indicates that it is healthy.

9. Drink plenty of water: Eat plenty of water for skin health. Drink 1 cup of warm water on an empty stomach.

10. Do not neglect masks: Apply skin mask at least once a week.

11. Facial scrub: Accelerate blood circulation by brushing your face twice a week.

12. Less makeup trend: Use as little as possible products that cover your pores such as foundation and powder.

13. A nice shower: Taking a shower with hot water opens up your clogged pores.

14. Lip moisturizer: Don’t forget to moisturize your lips.

15. Consume almonds frequently: Almond and hazelnut rich in omega 3 and vitamin E foods, such as be sure to eat in your snacks.


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