The best looks based on your festival mood

Festival outfits

The best looks based on your festival mood

The festival season is not just about the music, it's about everything in between! Celebrities, music, art and especially fashion are packed, as if it were your best birthday. We are so excited about the upcoming looks in this festival season. And what could be better than attracting attention? A VIP deal that makes you look immaculate without breaking the bank (I have $ 5 on it)! VIP access granted, greet your new backstage worthy ensembles!

At the bare minimum

"Hot" would be the first thought that comes to mind before the festival. Whether it's rising temperatures or a hot fire look, it's time to increase the volume! Our suggestion is to put on HOT in an outfit that will make everyone else sweat. Before you deal with so many ideas and looks, you can always just go easy. It's best to opt for crop tops and graphic tees that will make your look perfect as you dance through the crowd and pose for the cutest selfies. Without sacrificing style, wear what you feel as you lead your best festival life.

Bold statements & trend denim

Wear a statement shorts or jeans on a sunny day
guarantees a victorious ensemble. We love to see shorts with fat and loud
Colors that complement a minimal top. Better still, wear a pair
Distressed denim shorts with sexy worn details and cutoff hems
Add a touch of edge to your look. Denim can be versatile for all festival looks,
Plus, you get extra bonus points for ease of use and comfort, whether you are
Laze with your girls in the grass or surf with the best!

Compliments for compliments

After carefully curating your wardrobe; you have the perfect outfit to kill! But before you go out the door, here's a little reminder that you'll need something more to complete your ensemble. * Ahem * May we introduce you to the best friend of your outfit? Accessories of course! Whether it's a cute crossbody or gorgeous floral crowns, accessories are the perfect match! If you want to get bolder, grab a chain mail with studs or a unique body chain. Whether you're brave-dressed or smartly dressed, you'll beat the look down the line with tens!

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