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Donkey milk care! Share

It was used as an anti-aging skin tonic in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. Cleopatra’s Queen of Egypt is known as the secret of youth and beauty. We are following our new favorite care products made from donkey milk that lives in the golden age. Donkey milk care! Share Why …

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In the name of beauty Share

Every woman’s desire to be beautiful. Throughout history, it is not possible to wear hats for this effort. So how far would you go for the sake of being beautiful; for example, would you follow these strange methods? If you ask us, it is better to keep some distance. When …

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Our friend retinol Share

It is the golden component of the beauty industry. Retinol, one of the most active ingredients in skin care, has a well-deserved reputation for reversing the signs of genetic aging. Retinol is a form of vitamin A. It activates skin care components, but retinol molecules break down and lose strength …

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