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Leg beauty in 10 steps

She made simple suggestions for women who want to have sexy legs: wear shoes that fit your skin color, make a pouch once a week, start using caffeinated creams … Free from hairs Depilatory creams are not the definitive solution for hairs. So with a razor blade, you can achieve …

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5 practical beauty tips for enlightenment

1) Road to arrow lashes If you complain about the shortness of your eyelashes, wash your mascara brush thoroughly and apply some hair gel. Gently move the brush to the left and right, then apply a mascara that gives volume. The eyelashes that you have darkened with jelly will look …

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In the name of beauty Share

Every woman’s desire to be beautiful. Throughout history, it is not possible to wear hats for this effort. So how far would you go for the sake of being beautiful; for example, would you follow these strange methods? If you ask us, it is better to keep some distance. When …

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Layered beauty

Experts point out the importance of layering, ie, layering and sequential care, for better effect of the products used in skin care. However, the order in which the skin care products are applied can sometimes be confusing. Shall we learn the right order? Recently, a new understanding of skin care …

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