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Myths and facts about HPV virus

Legends and facts about sexually transmitted HPV found in 80 percent of people. What is HPV Virus? A DNA virus of the papillomavirus family of human papilloma virus, human papilloma virus or human papilloma virus, which infects basal epithelial layer cells on the skin and mucosal surfaces. Sexually transmitted human …

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Find out more about lip fillers

According to a research conducted by a private filling company in 2017, the highest application to medical aesthetic physicians was in the field of lip filling. Plump lips are the desire of every woman, sometimes even men. There is a very thick line between the full lip and the artificial …

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What You Know About Nose Aesthetics

Thanks to nose surgery, which is the most common aesthetic operation in Europe; The size, shape and overall appearance of the face can be changed. In addition, sinusitis, polyps, nasal flesh and cartilage due to curvature of the respiratory problems seen in the surgical techniques are resolved. However, some important …

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All about vitamin D

Vitamin D does not fall from the mouth of experts recently. So why use vitamin D and why is it so important? All about vitamin D Vitamin D is one of the types of vitamins stored in the liver. It helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the …

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