Is it possible to lose weight without consuming fat?

Fat is one of the foods that many people who stay away from diet … Is that true? Nutrition and Diet at Work

20-30 percent of our daily energy comes from oils. Therefore, useful oils should be included in our daily diet. These fats must be consumed while dieting.


OLIVE OIL: Omega 3 comes to mind and comes to mind in the category of healthy fats. It is a serious antioxidant because it contains unsaturated fatty acids and phenolic compounds. It also plays a very important role for intestinal health. It is related to the degree of acidity in quality in olive oil. As the acidity increases between infiltration, natural first and second natural types, loss of taste and odor increases. Therefore, extra virgin olive oil with the lowest acidity is higher than the others. Olive oil should always be the preferred reason for not being exposed to too much processing. In order to increase the bioavailability of olive oil more effectively in metabolism, it would be a better option to add food after cooking. However, considering that the olive oil has a smoked point of 210 degrees, the heating process does not have a negative effect on the olive oil.

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