How to equip your neutral color clothes

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How to equip your neutral color clothes

If you think of Neutral, you probably think of boredom, right? Or you think of sad beige and muted tones. Finally, one of the definitions of neutral is "no pronounced or positive properties or characteristics". Honestly, we think that this is inappropriate for neutrals. Neutrals are all the rage this year – maybe it's the minimalist trend or Marie Kondo's mood. Regardless of why they are trendy, we love neutrals. And ours are anything but boring.

FOREVER 21 is neutral Not the neutral values ​​of your mother. We made a jump and started thinking about neutral colors beyond black, white and beige. From cream to terracotta to army green, our new neutrals are among our favorite pieces of the year. We even have patterns (gasp!) Included in our "neutral" palette, eg. As stripes, geoprints and more. (Did you know that tortoiseshell is neutral? Yes, we went there.)

Basically, our neutrals have increased their game. And to make them even better, we have some amazing ideas on how to equip neutral outfits so you can make a fashion statement anywhere.

Statement earrings

Jewelry is always your friend when it comes to accessories, but this is especially true for earrings. Why? Well, earrings are super easy to wear and tend to stay out of the way, unlike necklaces that can get caught up in things. Dreaming of a tropical vacation, combine your cream-colored linen outfit with our tiered flower and pineapple earrings or our mermaid earrings. If you are not in the mood for the beach, you should choose these multicolored ornate chandelier earrings or our pearl earrings with floral pattern and tassels.

Neon Accessories & Jewelry

Neon is back in 2019, and while you can certainly adorn yourself with a ton of pink and yellow, that's a bit … a lot. However, we love to combine some neon accents with our new neutrals. It makes a statement without dazzling everyone in the room.

Whether you wear an olive jumpsuit or an orange dress, neon accents can brighten up your look. Put on some neon-yellow hoops, a vinyl-etched belt, premium square neon sunglasses and a neutral outfit.

Colorful shoes

You can easily spice up your neutral outfit by putting on your favorite pair of colorful shoes – or getting a new pair! FOREVER 21 always has shoes in every rainbow color that you can perfectly combine with your neutral outfits. From bright pink tassel sandals to red plateau heels to iridescent, color changing pumps – we have colorful shoes that will make you stand out, whether you're wearing a brown jumpsuit or a flounce dress.

A bright bag

The best thing about neutrals is that they go with everything. And that includes your handbag, belt pouch, backpack or any kind of bag you carry. Any neutral outfit can be easily equipped with a fun handbag.

Try our orange Crochet Wooden Handle handbag or a yellow transparent mesh carry case when you take your neutral guests to the beach or the pool. Make yourself comfortable and colorful with this cute faux leather belt pouch or combine your neutral midi dress with a super-fat green vinyl vinyl pouch.

Stacked bangles & bracelets

Stacked bracelets and bangles give your neutral outfit a cool boho chic. You can become totally versatile by mixing and combining all sorts of styles or choosing a color palette to match your outfit. If you choose a relaxed island look, you can stack different sets such as the set of different bracelets, the set of wooden beads, the set of geographic beads and the set of textured bangles. You can also make a statement with just one bracelet, such as our blue marble bracelet.

It does not matter what neutral colors you choose. If you get a neutral outfit, you can take your look to the next level. You do not have to think outside the box to turn heads. With a few simple and funny accessories, your neutral outfit becomes pop.

And of course, these accessory tips can be used for all sorts of outfits – not just for neutral ones. The way you look, you can decide what fits to what. Live your fashion truth, Boo.

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