6 flavors to taste from around the world

1) Umm ali dessert

  • According to an old story from the Ottoman period, one of the governors was curious to visit the gated houses by mixing with the people. Again, during such a visit, the lady of a poor family, who was a guest at her tables, could not find anything to offer and quickly prepared a variety of nuts, milk and dough. Admired by the taste of the governor asked the name of the dessert. The head of the house made up ‘Umm Ali, meaning Ali’s mother. On the edge of your mind as you walk through the ancient streets of Egypt, you will be entitled to the governor.

2) Quesadilla – Mexico

  • The traditional food of Mexico, the capital of pain, is a kind of wrap made from the softness of tortilla. Wrapped in red meat, chicken or cheese, it is flavored with greens, spices and special sauces. Of course, you will not know Mexican cuisine without eating the food, which is also served with hot peppers on request.

3) Paella – Spain

  • The best examples of Mediterranean cuisine can be found in Spain. The most famous dish of Spanish cuisine, influenced by many regions from South America to Arabs, is paella. Your trip to Spain will be more festive with the flavor of paella, a rice dish cooked with seafood, chicken and sauces.

4) Noodle – Chinese

  • Noodles, the classic dish of Chinese cuisine, are made by sautéing the noodles with onions, mushrooms, carrots and garlic. The sequence is very important in this process. It makes the ceiling taste with good quality oil and soy sauce. A minor warning is that soy is a salty enough salt, and you may lose extra flavor by putting extra salt in it.

5) Pizza – Italy

  • We especially recommend the pizza made in Naples. The dough is opened with a mixture of flour and Serino juice and olive oil flavored with the winds of Naples coast is added. Then, the red tomatoes of the region are sliced ​​and sprinkled on Mondragone mozzarella. A few leaves with fresh mint are put in a deep Naples oven. When the crispy comes in front of you, you will be a fan before you even eat.

6) Fejioada – Brazil

  • Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world. Therefore, each region has a distinctive flavor and food culture. The closest to us is the fejioada which is basically a bean dish. The meal is made with beef, kidney beans and is served with other greens and rice. A sauce prepared from lemon, orange and pepper is poured on it. You’re confused, aren’t you? Brazil’s tactics are always the same.


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