10 shoe trends to mark this fall season

2019 autumn / winter season is now at the door. For those who want to start the season, we have listed 10 shoe trends that will mark the coming autumn / winter season.

Platform heels

Ambitious platform heels also return in the autumn / winter season of 2019, where we mostly felt the dominance of the 70s.

Floral Pattern Boots

The shoe trends of the season are quite ambitious. Along with Victorian boat designs, floral designs are also very memorable.

Mary Jane

After Richard Felton Outcault’s Buster Brown, Mary Jane shoes are among the most prominent shoe trends of the season.

Animal Patterns

Cheetah, leopard, zebra, snake and even cow. Animal patterns continue to rise this season.


Pointed toe shoes for many years, while ruling blunt-nose people suddenly became the favorite of fashion gurus. Let’s face it, they’re more comfortable than the noses.


We talked about the influence of the Victorian period in boats. Lace-up boots and boots also appear to mark the season.

Jewelry details

For women who like to show off from head to toe, the trend of the season’s shoes is shiny and accessories.


The hottest trend of the season is undisputed inside-out furry shoes. We’ve already warmed up.

Stylish Loafers

Knows the comfort of loafers. Loafers are one of the most sophisticated trends of the season.

Shoe Socks Harmony

While keeping your feet warm in winter, you can create a style and sophistication with shoe-socks harmony.


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